Ovidiu is a founding partner of BUDUȘAN & ASOCIAȚII, and a highly-experienced litigator. The professional experience acquired as prosecutor-in-chief of the Division for the Prosecution of Corruption and Organized Crime (later reorganized into PNA/DNA and DIICOT) within the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court of Justice (now PICCJ), as well as his subsequent prolific practice as attorney-at-law, recommend Ovidiu as one of the leading criminal defence attorneys in Romania.

Ovidiu manages defence in complex cases dealing with business crime charges, in industries such as banking and finances, energy, oil & gas, IT, media, capital markets, pharmaceuticals, food industry, infrastructure, as well as charges of tax evasion and corruption offences.

Ovidiu also has a wealth of experience in the field of human rights, especially in the context of criminal and ancillary procedures, and has a notable track record of cases where individuals, companies or professional associations challenged the unjustified interferences of state authority in the exercise of fundamental rights, both before national courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

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